World Soccer Coin Project NEWS

We introduce news related to World soccer coin project.

Dear the holder of WSC,

Thanks all to your assistance always.
Especially throughout this time with the delays of the projects and listing.
We have been traveling around the world and preparing for our business but due to the COVID 19 there had been more delays since then. We deeply apologize for any inconveniences.
We have come to the business merger with JOMANIQ Foundation to strength on financial business beside Soccer related business in WSC project.
In such a situation with the delays of soccer business, we are thinking to distribute the operating profit of Fund management to the holders of initial purchase.
At first, we are starting JEX Wallet Business as a core business in accordance with listing of the coins. The system development has been going well and please don’t hesitate to check through webinar.
Considering expansion of the business, we are thinking to cooperate not just the super star “Ronaldinho” but with all the super stars around the world, and to make the world happy by soccer. Therefore the Project name will be changed to “World Soccer Coin Project” and token will be changed to WSC from RSC.
JOMANIQ Foundation has issued WSC Coin developing from Ronaldinho Soccer Coin Project(RSC). In the preparations of listing to Gold Arbi EX, the holders of initial purchase of RSC will be given WSC Coin by Wallet in Gold Arbi EX.
We are thankful to your continuous support and your expectation to the expansion of the WSC Project through JOMANIQ Foundation.
To the holders of the RSC initial purchase, please be aware of the below orders to follow are necessary for the listing of WSC and to receive the distribution.
1. Registration to Line@
(This will be the main source receive the information evenly given. For in case of questions please ask at Line@.)

2. registration to Gold Arbi EX
(This will be an Exchange to do first listing of WSC. After the registry and confirmation, WSC will given by the Wallet.)
*To receive the WSC registry is necessary and will be only given by this Wallet.

3. Please note us below informations either by Lind@ or Jomaniq_info mail
* Registered name
* An E-mail Address for registering Gold Aebi EX.
* The purchased amount (We will distribute Coins to those who corresponds with the informations in former system.)
*Please help your acquaintances if you think they might have missed this information.

The distributing period will be until 7th of August, 2020 so please make sure to register and receive Coins by then.

Please note that fundamentally JOMANIQ Foundation will not be able to distribute WSC Coin after 8th of August,2020 and make sure not to miss this chance.

There will be contact from JOMANIQ Foundation so please follow their instructions accordingly.

●WSC-JEX Line Group
●Gold Arbi EX

*Those who has been registered to Gold Arbi Ex by 7th of August, 2020 will be distributed of WSC to theaccount if the exchange.
*For those who did not complete the registration to Gold Arbi EX, if you have participated in the Line@ and have reported then the distribution amount will be promised.
*For those whom we can’t confirm(Fir those who don’t contact us) will be consideration target of investigation,